Productions and Collaborations

Contemporary World Music is the creative embrace of our common humanity. It embodies the notion that the language of music is universal. While honoring culture and tradition, contemporary world music seeks to explore the musical language found in the intersections of disparate cultures and traditions. Inspired by a vast international diet of musical influences, Julian’s productions and collaborations are a personal lens through which he explores the universal themes of global music.

While the language of music is universal, the “dialect” of a culture still plays a powerful role in how it is experienced. Areas of particular interest to Julian include how cultural expectations affect musical resolution, how musical vocabulary can be adapted to different contexts and still serve it’s purpose, and how sensuality can affect the experience of unfamiliar musical ideas.

In this Playlist:

Here you will find a collection of musical pieces inspired by the world’s great rhythmic traditions – including all tracks from the collaborative album “Talafawa”. For those looking for odd time signatures, polyrhythm, polymeter, and an unusual approach to rhythm theory, you might especially enjoy “Subaha”, “_Restraint”, “Nanga Mai”, “Tiempo Azul”, and “Unreflected Facets”.

For those interested in a fusionists approach to early music, you might enjoy “Devotion”, “Santa Maria Loei”, “O Virgo”, and “El Rey de Francia”.

For fans of jembe in world fusion, take a listen to “Talafawa”, “Ahu”, “Journal 5.28.07”, and “Govinda Kanna”.

And for lovers of the frame drum, lend your ears to “Subaha”, “Akasha”, and “Solstice”.

Some of these pieces are available for purchase on the album “Talafawa” – others will be released over time. We always love to hear feedback. Let us know what you think.