With the release of Talafawa, Julian Douglas brings together his love and respect for various styles, cultures and traditions, and beautifully marries them to varying degrees to present a gorgeous collection of pieces that will especially appeal to those who crave such a fusion. Lovers of experimental and modal jazz, African and Middle Eastern music and classical may all indeed find reason to indulge in these rich explorations. -- Mike Roots
Talafawa serves as a NOBLE and SHINING example of Creative Expresson as it sings it’s song of Unity… -- A listener
With the world becoming smaller through technology, Talafawa may indeed serve as a sort of soundtrack or travel journal for this global village called Earth. - Mike Roots
The music is incredible. Seems to me to be a sort of blending of Herbie Mann and Olatunji. Really quite unique and interesting. -- A listener

I’ve been listening to Julians CD. Over and over and over…it’s phenomenal! I can’t get enough! -- A listener

… [an] exceptional, Grand Musical Feast! -- A listener
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If rhythm is motion, then Talafawa takes flight – a sensuous, rhythmic journey of discovery. Talafawa immediately takes us away from our noisy, relentless world into wide open spaces. You cannot listen to this music without feeling the walls around you disappear – transporting you to new worlds. Writer/producer & percussionist Julian Douglas & his exceptional collaborators weave texture, harmony, and rhythmic shapes from diverse influences into each piece, forming a compilation of New World Music. The discerning listener may hear striking South African vocal harmonies, haunting Middle-Eastern melody, and Afro-Cuban rhythms, but for the exception of one piece, Douglas borrows no folk songs from Africa, the Middle East, Cuba or elsewhere. This music is original, paying homage to – but not derivative of – world music traditions. Talafawa masterfully harnesses all of this, and is at once contemplative and a joyous celebration. Douglas’s voice is timeless, and, as rhythm carries us through it all, Talafawa beckons the listener to pause and listen!

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