Contemporary World Music is the creative embrace of our common humanity. It embodies the notion that the language of music is universal. While honoring culture and tradition, contemporary world music seeks to explore the musical language found in the intersections of different cultures and traditions. Julian Douglas has been inspired by a vast international diet of musical influences. His productions and collaborations are what happens when he spends time at these intersections.


The Resonance Project

Contemporary World Music featuring Soaring vocals and ornate percussion conjuring moments that are both ancestral and emergent.  Founded by soprano Stephanie Heidemann and Julian Douglas.  The Resonance Project explores the intersection of the world’s first musical instruments – the voice and the drum. This exploration has resulted in a number of studio recordings and in the summer of 2016 they started exploring what can be done live with a small ensemble.


Rhythm Quest

Rhythm Quest is an exploration of the mysteries and outer reaches of world percussion, rhythm, and the timeless practice of drumming that has been the at the root of community solidarity, the vehicle for the visions of shamans, the source of trance and ecstasy in rituals and ceremonies, and the driver of personal evolution for musicians around the world and throughout history.