The Resonance Project is a world music ensemble consisting of Stephanie Heidemann (World Vocal), Julian Douglas (Percussion). Michael Rutherford (percussion), Robert Speed (piano, keyboards, and percussion) and Edward Cosla (Sound-design/Bass). TRP brings together early spanish devotional music, a rich rhythmic sensibility and a new perspective on performance and technology using especially designed soundscapes. The Resonance Project arranges sacred & early music scored with middle eastern &/or african-style rhythmic loops, soaring Gregorian chant, imbued with Indian innuendos.

The Resonance Project celebrates early sacred music traditions and cultures of Spain, India, Africa and Eastern Europe with original rendering. Their repertoire includes a collection of 13c Spanish devotional Cantigas de Santa Maria, 15c Sephardic lullabies, African invocational folksong and Gregorian chant. The feel of the music is meditative, penetrating, evocative and a deep call of expression to the creative force. If you weren’t a fan of early music before, you will be after experiencing TRP. The performance captivates and transports its audiences to new spheres of awareness. The members of The Resonance Project also serve to educate audiences in workshop formats, master classes and one-on-one lessons.

The Resonance Project Mission

Our mission is to bring early sacred music into the present with passion and inspiration. We celebrate and draw from the beauty and diverse palette of world music, aiming to share these music traditions in performance. We strive to open new doors in the creative rendering of this music and to create a powerful experience for audiences.