Music for Video

World Music and Audio production for Video

Hathor Nada Akashic

Hello now Goodbye

Gratitude – The infinite Journey

Awaken tiamat

Jacob’s Ladder

The project

Beginning in 2009, Julian and musical partner Stephanie Heidemann started working with visual artist and visionary David Gittens on a series of quarterly presentations to be released coinciding with the equinoxes and solstices.

What began as music to accompany a visual collage evolved into an exploration of video. The music contains many of the same world fusion characteristics found in Julian and Stephanie’s other work, but here the goal was to create something that served to add emotional color to the visual component without being the focal point. In addition to the broader world music traditions, Julian and Stephanie also drew on new age music as inspiration for music with movement without the use of a specific focal point.

While new age music was a source of inspiration, the resulting music still possesses the characteristic idiosyncrasies found in much of Julian’s other work. The listener will find no shortage of odd time
signatures, polyrhythm, and unusual phrases in the percussion arrangments.

The musical influences include Indian classical music, South African vocal music, Eastern European lamentations, and Gregorian chant.