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Delicious Rhythm

World Fusion:Music that combines diverse characteristics and instruments of culturally specific musical traditions

It’s like a ride on the scrambler for the soul; a tapestry of striking colors; a tale with great depth and a twist at the end; a punchline you never saw coming – the exhilarating combination of tension and release that is creative rhythmic music.

Musics of the world have an extroardinary range of rhythmic stories to tell. Some are familiar to us and almost seem to be embedded in our DNA, and others are idiosyncratic and quirky to an extreme for all who are not born into the musical culture of origin.

For those of us that love world fusion music, there is something about these stories that resonate deeply in us and something that drives our curiosity – like finding a word that perfectly describes a moment. It’s the curiosity combined with the realization that the discovery reveals something that is already within us that creates this unusual drive to express these strange combinations of sounds.

From the ubiquity of odd time signatures in Eastern European music and Middle-Eastern music, to the polyrhythmic tapestries of West African music, and the sheer creative grace and mathematical brilliance of Indian classical music, the rhythmic pallet of our species is both broad and deep.

World Fusion in the Playlist

Here you will find a collection of musical pieces inspired by the world’s great rhythmic traditions. For those looking for odd time signatures, polyrhythm, polymeter, and an unusual approach to rhythm theory, you might especially enjoy “Subaha”, “_Restraint”, “Nanga Mai”, “Tiempo Azul”, and “Unreflected Facets”.

For those interested in a fusionists approach to early music, you might enjoy “Devotion”, “Santa Maria Loei”, “O Virgo”, and “El Rey de Francia”.

For fans of jembe in world fusion, take a listen to “Talafawa”, “Ahu”, “Journal 5.28.07”, and “Govinda Kanna”.

And for lovers of the frame drum, lend your ears to “Subaha”, “Akasha”, and “Solstice”.

Some of these pieces are available for purchase on the album “Talafawa” – others will be released over time. We always love to hear feedback. Let us know what you think.