Community Circles

Sacred Space

…there was a focus on creating sacred space. Certainly, this means different things to different people. For some, sacred space is about connecting with symbols of Gods, Goddesses, Forces of Nature (Sun, Moon, Lightning, Water) – and so symbols are used in the space. For some sacred space is about ceremonial clothing (see Catholicism, pope), something that makes you physically concious of yourself in a different way. Others find that a sacred space is manifested through the incantation of words acknowledging divinity as it’s understood. All of these approaches have their place and are used all over the world and into the far reaches of history as a means of creating Sacred Space. While they differ from culture to culture and era to era, what makes them work is the same. Intention.

Sound and Silence

I live to be immersed in the deep silent waters of divine sound.  Music has always been a companion for me. I grew up around music and musicians. Band rehearsals, studio sessions, gigs, and jam sessions were as much a part of my childhood as baseball practice and video games are for most children. Music has meant many things for me – intimacy, love, play, education, debate, passion, family, but also poverty, suffering, despair, disappointment, and discipline. Music is also where I first met God. So, music has also become my religion… It was in church – the kind of

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